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Welcome to Mueller's Art Deco Museum & Garage!


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Art Deco Sculpture

The Art Deco Museum was born from museum owner Brian Mueller's life long fascination of the Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Streamline Moderne movements from 1918 to about 1948. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe and the United States researching and collecting interesting pieces that reflect that eclectic design style that flourished internationally throughout the 1930's and into the World War II era.

The museum features Art Deco era sculptures, furniture, artwork, signage and neon, as well as a number of trucks and other vehicles from the Art Deco and Streamline age. The classic Art Deco style was applied to appliances such as electric clocks, radios and other common household items, some of which are also on display in the museum.

Art Deco Cars and Trucks

Brian's interest in classic cars and trucks coupled with his love of all things Art Deco is evident in his collection of Streamline GM Art Deco Trucks and other vehicles.  Art Deco vehicles are characterized by use of materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, lacquer, Bakelite (the new "plastic" of the age) and Chrome.

Streamlining influenced American and European automobile design, transforming them into sleek vehicles with sweeping lines that suggested speed and efficiency. Several examples of these beautiful automobiles are on display in the museum.

Museum Parties

The museum also functions as a meeting place for people who are interested in this period. The site is available for parties, weddings, car club meetings and automotive research in their extensive art deco library. There are also periodic E-selling classes held there. Let us know your needs.

Step back in time and enjoy a taste of this truly unique era in design history. We hope to see you soon!

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additional photos